Determining basic ideas regarding the cognition procedure. Learning as a foundation of peoples life

Determining basic ideas regarding the cognition procedure. Learning as a foundation of peoples life

The dialectics associated with means of knowledge is based on the contradiction between your limits of y our knowledge therefore the complexity that is unlimited of the aim concept of human being knowledge, the necessity for challenge of ideas, enabling through rational proofs and examination that is practical simplify the facts.

Learning the issue of truth and false

The situation of truth has been the core for the concept of real information. Aristotle offered a traditional concept of truth: ” facts are the communication of our understanding of reality”.

Contemporary theory of real information specifies the old-fashioned notion of truth through the dialectical connection of ideas:

– objective truth – familiarity with truth that doesn’t be determined by guy;

– general truth – knowledge, which in theory properly, but incompletely reflects reality;

– absolute truth – knowledge this is certainly just like its subject and that will be not refuted by the further growth of knowledge and training.

Knowledge can be a perfect reproduction in the language associated with general representations in regards to the regular connections associated with the world that is objective. The functions of real information are really a synthesis of discrete tips concerning the regulations of nature, culture and thinking and conservation within the general representations of all of the that may be sent as being a foundation for practical action. The alternative of knowledge is an idea that is false provides the wrong, illusory expression around the globe.

The hallmark of objective facts are its concreteness, which means the Object should be considered in those conditions of time and place, into the relations and attitudes by which it arose, exists and develops. That is, beyond defined restrictions, the facts can become deception.

Real knowledge by means of the guidelines of technology, theoretical jobs and conclusions, and doctrines, verified by training, exist objectively, no matter what the works and discoveries of boffins. Consequently, the genuine systematic knowledge is regarded as goal. During the same time, scientificknowledge as a truth can be absolute and relative. General knowledge, which, in the primary, is just a reflection that is correct of, is seen as a some incompleteness for the coincidence for the item with all the item, and absolute knowledge doesn’t improvement in the long run.

Person’s expression of the truth is a newbie of thinking and cognition

The cognition of guy for the globe starts with a reflection that is sensual of truth this kind of types as feeling, perception, representation. The further growth of types of knowledge beyond the restrictions of direct sensuality, assists you to achieve a qualitatively brand new degree of expression of truth – logical cognition. The type of rational knowledge is abstract reasoning.

Reasoning is an indirect and generalized expression in the mental faculties of crucial properties, causal relationships, and rational connections between things or phenomena. Man understands truth not just as being a total outcome of his very own experience, but additionally through interaction along with other individuals.

Thinking is inextricably related to language and will not – be performed outside of it. The primary device of reasoning is the rational factors of the individual, which consist of these structural elements as ideas, judgments, inferences.

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